Fragrances inspired by designer brands.
Crafted by master perfumers,
composed of the finest ingredients,
in the perfume capital of the world.

French Made


15ml Bespoke Perfume

Mini enough to carry around, bold enough to make a statement.
75.00AED125.00AED Select options

50ml Bespoke Perfume

Not overt, nor covert.
150.00AED200.00AED Select options

60ml Bespoke Perfume

Made to love
160.00AED260.00AED Select options

80ml Bespoke Perfume

For those that need just an extra bit of appreciation
180.00AED230.00AED Select options

100ml Bespoke Perfume

The most special of people are unique, so why shouldn’t their gift be?
200.00AED300.00AED Select options

115ml Bespoke Perfume

Extra large, for the extra special
225.00AED325.00AED Select options